Thank you for entrusting us with your fitness journey. Your dedication inspires us every day. Let's keep striving for greatness together! - Nicholas Novia | CEO

About Well-Fit Social Club

Learn about our community and our commitment to supporting individuals at the most important stages of their Well-Fit journey.

EST. 2022

Values That Help Us Navigate Your Wellness Journey

Here at Wellfit Social Club we merge Wellness with Fitness. We believe that getting in shape is not the only thing we all need to focus on. We have to get the inside of your bodies in shape as well with structured diets and protocols to meet your high demanding workout routines and lifestyles.

We Love Nutrition

Check Out Our Vitamin Lounge. Replenish & Stay Healthy.

With saying that, we have a vitamin lounge where you can replenish your body from those long work weeks and strenuous workout routines. That's why Well-fit Social Club is here to take care of all your measures from conditioning your body, your heart and circulatory system to getting your body functioning right with full body exercises combined with hit training where you can really push yourself to the limits.

Our Inner strength

We Did Our Research On Versatile & Divergent Workouts.

Our gym offers a variety of options to suit all interests! With TRX, spin bikes, punching bags, sleds, and more, there's always something new to try. Whether you prefer high-intensity intervals, weightlifting, or unconventional challenges like tire flipping or sledgehammering, we've got your back. An we're changing our workouts weekly.


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