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Nicholas Novia

Founder | Trainer

Graham Miller

Personal Trainer


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The seminars aren't just about exercise — they're about nourishing your body for success. Join us for expert-led sessions where we delve into the world of nutrition, offering personalized advice and practical tips to enhance your training

H.I.I.T Classes Nutrition Plan

Our H.I.I.T program isn't just about intense workouts—it also includes a personalized nutritional plan. By combining effective exercise with proper nutrition, we help you maximize your results, boost your energy levels, and achieve lasting success.


Our dedicated mentors provide personalized guidance and support, sitting down with you personally for 30-minute sessions and offering 15-minute calls. Ideal for those seeking extra accountability, this program spans 9 weeks maximum, ensuring you stay on track to reach your fitness goals with confidence.

Unlimited Counseling

By meticulously tracking your carbs and protein intake, we ensure that you're fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to support your fitness goals. With our user-friendly system, you'll gain invaluable insights into your dietary habits, making it easier than ever to optimize your nutrition and achieve your desired results.

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