Staff & Affiliates

Whether you're a business, organization, or individual looking to partner with a dynamic and forward-thinking entity, we welcome the opportunity to explore how we can work together.

Nicholas Novia

Founder | PT

Meet Nicholas Novia, founder of WellFit Social Club, with 25+ years experience. Specializing in personalized plans, group classes, and unmatched accountability.

Graham Miller


Meet Graham Miller, our seasoned Master trainer at WellFitSocialClub. With extensive expertise in exercise science, personal training, and a passion for empowering clients, Graham offers personalized plans and group classes to foster wellness.

Mark Zary


My mission is to inspire clients to become the best version of themselves. I believe everyone can transform their lives in an instant and achieve their fitness goals with my simplistic approach that promotes a balance between life and physical training.

Every decision we make is guided by our commitment to your success, your well-being, and your journey. Together, let's make every step count towards a happier, healthier you.

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