Revolutionize your fitness routine with our HIIT PROGRAM –WITH NUTRITION PLANS INCLUDED!



Private & Professional. At Your Own Pace

Multi-dimensional Approach

We employ a unique combination of three different forms of exercise: Calisthenics (including TRX, resistance bands, bosu balls, kettlebells), Free Weights, and Exercise Machines. This multi-dimensional approach provides a comprehensive and complete exercise experience.

Nutrition Included

To elevate the Well-Fit exercise experience, participants indulge in alkaline water service, a nutrition plan to maximise your fitness, and complimentary ginger and lemon shots, enhancing their overall wellness journey.

Small Group Class Experience

In our intimate yet sociable small group settings, participants share a common goal, creating a supportive and motivating atmosphere that enhances the overall fitness journey.

Guided by Certified Personal Trainers

Each class is supported and guided by our in-house certified personal trainers, ensuring professional supervision, tailored advice, and the highest standard of training for every participant.


Very clean! and new beautiful equipment. The Trainers are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I love going to this gym, and feel so comfortable in this environment.
I already feel the results within my body and mind thanks to the guidance I’m receiving from the Wellfit Social Club!!

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This is one of the best private gyms I’ve ever attended. It’s just such a complete health club with; the vitamin drip and personalized coaching with a real focus on diet and fitness. There’s a variety of programs classes and options for all your goals to be achieved. Would definitely recommend the spot to anyone looking to change their life for the better.

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Amazing gym that offers such unique and extremely catered services. The trainers are super knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating, and the space itself is very clean, modern, and organized (BIGGGGG YAY for perfectly racked weights…that’s one of my major qualms with large gyms.) Would recommend Well-Fit over any fitness centre any day.

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My experience at Wellfit Social Club has been awesome. The facility is very clean and modern, their trainers are exceptional, there's a variety of equipment and services, and the overall vibe is great. I highly recommend it!

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